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Carol Dufrene

Thank you for taking interest in Ridemore Farm.  We are a small, family farm located near Covington, La and we are dedicated to making your time with us an outstanding experience. Please see any of us - Danny, Linda, Katherine or Carol - for a tour or questions. 


We grow blueberries, blackberries, figs and vegetables of various types for you to come out and pick for yourself.  


Ridemore Farm is located on the site of the dairy farm where Danny grew up. The original farm was 329 acres, but they sold some of the land to the neighbors when his parents passed.  In 2005, Danny and Linda returned home after 35 years of an engineering career, and decided to do something that would make life a little more pleasant for you folks. Danny's and Linda's daughter, Katherine, joined them last year (after 25 years of engineering) and has been a big help to us while she is developing her Real Estate career. Carol is an integral part of the farm and helps with many of the tasks required to bring the produce to bear and to keep the farm looking nice.