Crop Safety

Crop safety is very important to us.  We use no insecticides on our blackberries or blueberries so you can feel safe eating them right off the bush. We are not, however, certified organic and we do not use all organic fertilize.  

In the early stages of some of our veggies (before the eatable part of the veggie is formed)  we have made the decision to spray with an organic insecticide named Spinosad. We hesitate to spray with anything as we have in the past, but worms in the early stages have made crops very unpredictable. I have researched this product and found that it is safe for use and approved by many organic organizations.

 Below is the relevant excerpt from Wikipedia. Below the excerpt I included the web address to the full article for you to read if you so choose.

 We are dedicated to producing delicious, farm fresh safe produce and we are happy that we have found this breakthrough product.

Excerpt from Wikipedia 

Spinosad has high efficacy, a broad insect pest spectrum, low mammalian toxicity, and a good environmental profile. This is a unique feature of an insecticide, compared to others that are currently used for the protection of grain products.[5] Spinosad is considered a natural product and approved for use in organic agriculture by numerous national and international certifications.[8] Spinosad residues are highly stable on grains stored in bins, with protection ranging from 6 months to 2 years.